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Revenue Share Expansions
The Revenue Share page in its current form is quite restrictive in allowing flexibility of execution. Currently, Revenue Share is limited to per account templates and manual overrides only. However, there are a few things that could be done to make this process way smoother for both the end user & for Soundroperators! 1) Self Service Revenue shares - while I'm not a fan of the platform, DistroKid has Revenue Shares set up in such a way that you (account owner) can make changes to any track/release Revenue Share at any time from the Teams page. If Soundrop were to implement some sort of Database structure for this where the Revenue Split info is saved in a Database, you could ultimately remove the requirement for Soundrop intervention to change revenue shares in retrospect - as a revenue split can only be adjusted post-release by a member of the Soundrop Team currently which takes resources away from the Team to do what is sometimes a very tedious task. 2) Changing the per track revenue share from an overwrite only page to having the ability to edit would be a massive boost for productivity among users. Currently when you create a revenue share, that becomes locked when submitted and so if you need to make changes in retrospect you need to erase the entire split and do it again (more room for error) OR if the release is live you have to contact Soundrop which again, demands resources from members of the team who could be doing otherwise more important tasks. 3) Implementing the ability to duplicate a track's revenue share to other tracks would be a massive time saver. This is particularly useful for Label owners, MGMT agencies etc that release tracks - or for folks who do a lot of collaborations on their albums & pairs well with #2. I personally just had to sit and manually input 18 Revenue Shares, but it would have been super handy if I could have copied the revenue share from Track 1 to Tracks 2 thru 9. Expanding further on this; the ability to choose WHICH tracks you duplicate revenue shares to would be an amazing bonus and definitely more of a selfish suggestion - a pop up check box to allow to dupe from Track 1 to Tracks 3, 4, 7 and 11 would be awesome - particularly if a client is releasing an album where they have collaborated with the same people multiple times. Hope these suggestions help - I can always expand if you would like! Cheers, Drew Burnt Toast Records
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